What can AMPA do for you ?

Representative Services

To be a supplier to the modern automotive industry, suppliers must be able to understand and support their customers at all levels and at all plant locations. With the ongoing demands of cost, quality and supply this may not always be possible internally. Ampa Consulting compliments the supplier’s team by providing local representatives who understand the culture and have the local contacts to meet these demands.

Ampa Consulting works with tier 1 and 2 automotive suppliers who are looking to develop beyond their current customer base or product range. We are focused on providing a cost effective, comprehensive and professional service not only to win new business at new customers but also to assist locally with existing customers to better service them and in turn, win more business.

Ampa Consulting presents itself as the local office for its clients, in effect we appear as a client’s sales and technical support office close to their customer’s location. We are a base for managing existing business and for developing new business.

There are many advantages to our clients with this business model;

Our clients gain, overnight, a presence in Europe without the need of securing offices, staff, understanding employment and trading laws or facing the significant funding requirements needed.

Not only does the local presence give customers a contact point in the same geographical area, on the same time zone and with the same language. Ampa Consulting already has established business contacts at many OEM’s and Tier 1’s giving faster entry into the customers, to the right departments and right people.

Ampa Consulting employees are all from automotive backgrounds and know the systems and processes required to secure and maintain profitable business. They are typically engineers so they can understand our client’s products and processes and help to convey their strengths to customers.

All business agreements, contracts and final decisions are made directly between our client and the customer for a secure business relationship.

We are based in the UK, Germany and Czech Republic but have partners in France we can call on for support.

Marketing Consultancy Services

As well are targeted sales representation to defined customers, we also provide support in general marketing to a particular industry or business field. Ampa Consulting can and has supported clients to identify pertinent exhibitions or trade press in which to show their products and services via trade stands and adverts.